Established In 1949


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: Aluminium Sections :

We have variety of Aluminium Extruded sections use in residential, Commercial & industries.

Structure & Architectural :

Channels - Equal & Unequal Tees & Angles,  H & E channels, Round & Sqaure Bars, Rectangular Tubes, Curtain Rails, Step Edgings, Wall Facings, Glazings, Display Section, Doors, Windows, Partitions, Venetian Blinds, Kitchen Cabinet, Modular Furniture Section, Ladders, North Light Glazing Bars, Curtain Wall Section.

Moulding & Transport

Floor Strips & Fluted Strips, Decorative Beading & Show Beading.

Industrial & General

Solar power section, Air grill profiles, Elevator section, Conveyor section.


This section contains lists of standard formulae that are commonly used in the extrusion industry, and other useful formulae.

Conversion formulae : he following equations are useful for converting imperial units to metric and vice-versa.

Millimetres (mm) =

Inches (in) x 25.4

Metres (m) =

Feet (ft) ¸ 3.2808

Kilograms (kg) =

Weight (kg/m) x metres (m)

Weight (kg/m) =

Pounds per foot (lb/ft) x 1.4882

Weight (kg/m) =

Square inches (in 2 ) x 1.7561
Weight per metre calculation

A simple formula can be used to find the weight per metre of a section by multiplying the area by a constant factor of 0.00271.

W = Weight in kg/m
A = Cross section area in mm 2
0.00271 is the specific gravity of aluminium x 10 -3

Using this expression equations for all the different sections available can be derived.

For a round bar
W = Weight in kg/m
d = Diameter of cross section in mm.
For a round tube
W = Weight in kg/m
d = Diameter of cross section in mm
t = thickness of tube in mm
For a hexagonal bar
W = Weight in kg/m
d = Dimension across flats in mm
Fillets on root radii of Tees, Angles and Channels

A = Cross section area in mm 2
r = radius

Square bar or rectangular bar
A = Cross section area in mm 2
w = width of section in mm
t = thickness of section in mm
W = Weight in kg/m